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Biography of Pop/R&B Singer – Savannah Robinson

Savannah Noelle Robinson made her very first debut in Los Angeles, California on November 20, 1998, happily received by her parents, Kevin and Molly, and her very excited older brother, Cole, who gave her, her middle name. The first girl born in the Robinson family in over 40 years, she was already considered special.

Her father is an accomplished vocalist, who toured all over the United States and her mother, an artist and photographer. Savannah is one of five (an older brother, Cole, two younger sisters, Malia and Madelyne and a younger brother, Charlie),, there is never a day that goes by that music can not be heard from the Robinson household.

It seems that Savannah was singing even before she could speak. At two when her playmates were dancing to nursery rhymes, Savannah was singing and dancing to such artists as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and the Backstreet Boys. At 3 she would argue about the lyrics of songs with her mother, believing that her mommy didn’t know.

Savannah is very shy, except when she sings. She doesn’t realize that people can hear her, and has never been shy about singing out in public, which was the case when she was discovered. Stopped at a red light, in front of an outdoor café, 9 year-old Savannah could be heard by all belting out Jordan Spark’s “No Air. As the song finished, a huge applause erupted from the patrons sitting at the nearby café. One of those patrons, Ryan Black, of the 88’s Cabaret, ran over and handed her father his business card. He wanted Savannah to perform at his next showcase. That was in September, 2008. Savannah’s first performance was for a paying audience at the 88s Cabaret in October 2008. She was a hit, and was asked to perform twice that night.

Savannah became a regular of the 88s, performing with such seasoned performers as Broadways’ John Lloyd Young (Jersey Boys), Eden Espinoza (Wicked), Shirley Jones as well as many others throughout 2009. Her mother posted the videos on Youtube to share with her aunts and uncles. Having a problem listing the videos as private, her mother didn’t feel there would be a problem posting them “public”, confident that only family would view. As it turned out, quite a few people watched those homemade videos. Within a few months and not ever having any professional vocal training/lessons, Savannah would be the first recipient of Deborah Gibson’s Electric Youth Camp, sing on K-Earth101 Morning Show, and perform the National Anthem for the Dodgers as well as LA Galaxy.

It seems that Savannah has a gift for being at the right place at the right time. While supporting a friend who was performing on one of the smaller stages at the 2010 Long Beach Pride Festival, she was asked to perform. That impromptu performance of Dream Girls “Am I am Telling You” caught not only the attention of the producers for KTLA’s Morning Show; it also caught the attention of the producers for The Ellen Show. Ellen signed her on the spot and invited her back to sing with Savannah’s idol, Jennifer Hudson, a month later.

Although, Savannah has received a lot of attention in the last couple of years, at home or at school, you would not suspect that she was any different than any other 12 year-old. Being one of five, Savannah shares a bedroom with her sisters, which means that, yes, they do argue over who has cleaned or not cleaned the room last, and whose clothes are whose, fighting to get into the bathroom before someone else does, chores, and all the craziness with having a huge family. Life is anything but normal or glamorous at the Robinsons, it’s chaotic, crazy, fun, and definitely loud.. The best part of it all, whether she is singing in a stadium in front of thousands, on TV in front of millions or in the bathroom, with her family banging on the door, Savannah remains…Just Savannah.

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